A Life Well Read

Wow I'm finally publishing my first blog post for A Life Well Read.

I’ve loved books and reading from a very young age. I remember getting a couple of Dr Seuss books when I was four and wanting to read them. I was constantly asking family members to either read them to me or tell me how to say/read the words myself. By the time I was 10 I was an avid reader. I had already read an enormous amount of Enid Blyton plus the Little Women, Heidi and What Katy Did series multiple times and was halfway through the Trixie Belden adventures.

I was always looking for something to read. I’d even read an encyclopaedia if there was nothing else. Thank god for the school library! I drove my mother crazy because I was always reading and I would be so engrossed in the story and that real world around me disappeared.

It’s interesting how reading tastes change over time. I read mystery novels in my teens including Agatha Christie, moved on to Horror, then Fantasy and Romance. Science Fiction, Dystopian Future, Crime and Thrillers became my passion in the past 10 years. Recently it’s been a bit of everything with more non-fiction, self-help and personal growth thrown in.

With self publishing of ebooks and audio making books more accessible I look forward to where the books will take me  going forward. Though I have to say with what's been happening in the world over the past two years I don't want to read another dystopian future novel anytime soon!!!!

What books started your reading journey? Do you love particular genres?